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Charlie has a great story. His organized crime days tie directly into Southern Mafia history, as well as things like Cuba, the Kennedy’s, and Hoffa. One of Charlie's eyes was burnt out in an acid attack in 1987. He was with several different criminal organizations, but in the end, none of them turned out to be his enemies. His true enemies will be revealed along with the dirty deeds they did.

Charlie was a professional smuggler. He smuggled from Miami to Belize City and everywhere in between. He smuggled by plane, train, ship, automobile and on his person. He was the head of a Marijuana smuggling syndicate and the representative of the southern Mafia in Belize. He was the go between for the heads of Cosa Nostra in New Orleans and Tampa and the Prime Minister of Belize. Get the full story and subscribe.


My dad’s intense lifestyle affected my life greatly, as you can probably imagine, both in a good way and a bad way. When I was a kid, I spent two summers with him in Belize. There was a high jacking of a plane full of marijuana and a few murders that summer. Matter of fact, we will be talking about several murders on this site.

Charlie put me in the bar and restaurant business, and I eventually would go on to own or operate six bars, restaurants and night clubs. Including three on Bourbon Street, New Orleans. So, I have my own stories to tell as well. Get the full story and subscribe.

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